Brownian Motion


The world's first stabilised camera movement solution for 360 Video rigs.
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Our Mantis 360 Evo Kit includes:

- Mantis studio

- V-con XL

- 360˚ Evo

- 6×6 Kenyon gyro

- 2 x cases

Designed from the ground up to facilitate the movement of 360 Video rigs the Mantis 360 Evo offers smooth controlled movement with 3 axis stabilisation.

- 2 axis gimbal

- Quick and easy balancing using a simple (Steadicam style) drop test

- 2 axis sliding plate and built in levelling bubble for fine tuning of the horizon

- Quick release telescopic height adjustment

- Camera payloads up to 5kg/12lbs

- Lightweight rugged aluminium and carbon fibre design

- Modified Kenyon Gyro kit specifically for use with the 360˚ Evo.

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