Brownian Motion


The workhorse dolly of the film industry. Compact and feature packed.
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- Steering Handle / Control Bar / Push Bar

- 4-Way Levelling Head

- Universal Head / Universal Lowmode Plate

- 2 x Dolly Seats and Seat Risers / Offset Seat Extension

- Front Platform / Standing Platform / 2 x Side Platforms

 - Full Left & Right Hand Side Platforms / Short Left & Right Hand Side Platforms

 - 2 x Star Plates / 2 x Full Filler Plates / 2 x Quarter Filler Plates

 - 12", 6" & 3" Camera Risers

New improvements to the Super Peewee include a revolutionary new three mode transmission featuring conventional, crab and round steering that can be shifted while the dolly is moving or stationary, without the dolly operator’s hands leaving the steering handle. 

New arm design provides greater operator clearance, while assuring greater rigidity, smoothness, speed and added vertical travel.

Improved Universal Head performance is now achieved. Added arm precision, a control cylinder and a middle rib provides major gains in safety and rigidity.

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