Brownian Motion


A universal dolly that combines all the features of its predecessors making it efficient in any and all types of shoots.
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Dolly kit includes:

- Egripment Universal Dolly 

- Egripment Liberty Seat Swivel Support 

- Egripment Adjustable Column 

- Egripment Camera Riser 

- Egripment Camera Riser 100mm Bowl 

- Egripment Camera Riser 150mm Bowl 

- Egripment Camera Riser Moy Top 

- Egripment 30cm Seat Extension

- Egripment 30cm Seat Extension 

- Egripment 20cm Seat Extension

- Egripment Skateboard Wheels Dinky/matador 

- Egripment Allan Key 

- Egripment Seat Riser 30cm 

- Egripment Universal Side Board With 150mm Bowl 

- Egripment Universal Side Board 

- 150mm - 100mm Bowl Adapter 

- Push Bar 

- Steering Column + Wheel 

- Manual

- Egripment Seat Riser 15cm

- Bazooka

- Sliding Push Pull Bar

- 4 Wheel Steering

- Folds in Half Weighing 16.8kg

- Maximum load 200kg

- Width 75cm

- Length 115cm

- Minimum Turn Radius 85cm

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