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Sony's High End versatile Digital Cinema capture offering HD, 2K and 4K acquisition.
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Our standard Camera Kit includes:

- Sony PMW- F55 Camera (with Audio Breakout)

- PL Mount Adapter 

-  Arri Top Cheese Plate / Arri Top Handle  / ET Hybrid Base Plate Adaptor / ET 12" Sliding Dove Tail / ET Micron 15mm Bridge Plate /  Shim Plate / ET Micron Dove Tail Plate /  ET V2 Shoulder Pad /  Focus Hook 

- Sony DVF-EL100 OLED EVF / Sony EVF Mount / Arri EVF Port Protector / 2 x  Sony EVF Cable

- Hawk Woods D-Tap/RS Breakout V Lock Plate 

- 4 x 64GB SxS Pro +Card / 3 x 128GB SxS Pro +Card / USB 3 SxS Card Reader / 2 x USB 3 Cable 

- USB Wireless Antenna 

- 2 x 12" 15mm Steel Bars /  2 x 18" 19mm Steel Bars

Compact and versatile the Sony PMW-F55 offers a plethora of shooting formats and resolutions. From 1080P MPEG-2 to 16 Bit 4K Sony Raw (with the additional R5 recorder) it is suited to cinematic production at a number of production budget points.

One of the few high end cameras to shoot true 4096 x 2160 for theatrical release it is no surprise int has become a mainstay for the 4K shooting of TV and Film (Some examples here)


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