Brownian Motion


ARRIs MB-20 System is the most flexible, compact mattebox available. The system accepts virtually all professional lenses including the Canon 4.7 x 11 and Fujinon 4.5 x 13, HD Primes, and all film format prime lenses as wide as 14mm. The lockable swing-away mechanism makes lenses access fast and easy.
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Mattebox kit includes:

- 3 x PV Filter Trays 

- Top Flag

- 2 x Side Flags

- 80, 95, 100, 114, 114-100mm Step Down Rings

- 138mm Reduction Ring Donut 

- 7, 10, 12, 20, 40mm Mattes 

- Designed for film and digital cameras

- Works with wide angle HD zooms

- Modular construction allows all mounting options

- Offers up to three independently rotating filter stages

- Accommodates a wide range of filter sizes

- All filters can be individually rotated and locked off

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