Brownian Motion


The Easyrig Cinema 3 Stabilizing Camera Support features a suspension line with a load capacity range of 15 to 20 kg. It provides you the flexibility of a hand-held camera, while still achieving steady shots. It also features an ergonomic design that reduces the weight & tension on the neck and shoulder muscles and transfers it down to the hips.
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- Easyrig Cinema 3 700N / 850N

- Pink Eye Bolt with Quick Release

- Easyrig Carry Case

- Vest & Waist Belt Made of Breathable Material

- 500N Shock Absorber = 10-12kg Load Capacity

- 700N Shock Absorber = 15-20kg Load Capacity 

- 850N Shock Absorber = 20-25kg Load Capacity

- Vest Weight 3.5kg

- Suspension Line (Fully Stretched) - 34.6" (88 cm)

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