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Motion Mount now available…

Red's new Motion mount replaces with the existing PL mount and allows for built in electronic ND and Global Shutter options.

Old Lenses - New Life

We took the opportunity to try out our S2/3 Cookes (Rehoused by TLS) at Tiffen's recent open day.

A lovely chance to see new tech teamed up with old tech and admired by all.

Epic Monochrome at Brownian…

We've just taken delivery of an Epic Monochrome. A purpose made black and white sensor digital camera with increased sharpness and sensitivity (through it's lack of Bayer filter) capable of noise free images up to 2000 ISO.

Contact us for more information and example footage.

Europe’s 1st 28-340mm Angenieux Optimo

The first 28-340mm T3.2 Angenieux Optimo to be delivered in the UK and Europe has just arrived at Brownian Motion. The new improved version of the 24-290mm, this lens has a larger image circle and safely covers 5K on the Epic throughout the range without vignetting. A perfect accompaniment to the 19.5-90mm T2.6 (the new 17-80mm) which we also stock.

Newsletter Number 1…

We are just putting the finishing touches to our newsletter. To subscribe and get updates and info send an email to [email protected]

Another new zoom…

We've just got in the Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9 zoom. A lovely lightweight lens for the range and perfect for those crossover cine/run and gun style jobs. And now of course we have our eyes on its soon to be released 85-300mm big brother....

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