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BSC Expo 2015

Come and see us on 30th / 31st January at the BSC Expo at Pinewood. Free Coffee and a chance to talk all things camera and DIT. Pre-register for free here:

Bright Tangerine Strummer 6” Mattebox

With 6 and PV trays.

NEW IN: RT MOTION v3.1 Wireless Lens Control System

The world's smallest MDR with clever brains in motors" technology makes this a perfect team up for lightweight Movi / handheld use....


NEW IN: Floatcam Dollycrane SD+

We've just taken delivery of a Floatcam Dollycrane - ideal for lightweight Slider, Jib, Crane uses and capable of loads up to 16kg.

NEW IN: Angenieux Optimo 56-152mm

We've just taken delivery of one of the first 52-156mm Anamorphic Light Weight Zooms. Developed in conjunction with Cooke to colour match their new Anamorphic Primes it offers a lightweight anamorphic option with a great range.

Enter The Dragon…

Our first Carbon Dragons have arrived shortly to be followed by all of our MX Epics being upgraded. As well as a whole new sensor and colour science we have decided to make the cameras a whole new user experience. With multiple SDI outputs, power breakouts, Block battery inputs and a +1 module as standard (for EVF / LCD use) we are certain our configurations will be a hit with camera crews.

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