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NEW IN: Angenieux Optimo 56-152mm

We've just taken delivery of one of the first 52-156mm Anamorphic Light Weight Zooms. Developed in conjunction with Cooke to colour match their new Anamorphic Primes it offers a lightweight anamorphic option with a great range.

Enter The Dragon…

Our first Carbon Dragons have arrived shortly to be followed by all of our MX Epics being upgraded. As well as a whole new sensor and colour science we have decided to make the cameras a whole new user experience. With multiple SDI outputs, power breakouts, Block battery inputs and a +1 module as standard (for EVF / LCD use) we are certain our configurations will be a hit with camera crews.

Old Lenses - New Life

We took the opportunity to try out our S2/3 Cookes (Rehoused by TLS) at Tiffen's recent open day.

A lovely chance to see new tech teamed up with old tech and admired by all.

Europe’s 1st 28-340mm Angenieux Optimo

The first 28-340mm T3.2 Angenieux Optimo to be delivered in the UK and Europe has just arrived at Brownian Motion. The new improved version of the 24-290mm, this lens has a larger image circle and safely covers 5K on the Epic throughout the range without vignetting. A perfect accompaniment to the 19.5-90mm T2.6 (the new 17-80mm) which we also stock.


We've custom made focus hooks, available with our cameras as standard... The first in the world that we know of it fold away and takes both cloth and metal tapes.


Our custom designed sliding top handles have arrived and are now standard on all of our Epics! Forward / back sliding option as well as left/ right for centre of balance (great for Easyrig use) Built in spirit level and safety chain hole with cheesplate flat top in 3/8 and 5/8. Yes we listened to 1st ACs, Operators and Grips on this one.....

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